The Council of 100

The Council of 100 ensures the growth of Aid Still Required’s programs in forgotten areas around the world. Scroll over this painting by world-acclaimed artist Janet Roberts to view the council’s 2014 participants.

Interested in becoming a member of The Council of 100? Learn more here.

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The 2014 Council of 100

The Council of 100

Member Benefits:

  • Customizable space(s) on Aid Still Required 2014 Council of 100 webpage for one year from date of donation
  • Your space links to website of your choice
  • Recognition by visitors through ASR outreach campaigns and social media platforms, blogs and mailing lists (ASR campaigns have reached 500 million people worldwide)
  • Chance to win the Janet Roberts painting above (36″W x 48″ H). (Participation in the Council of 100 is not required to enter the drawing)
  • Fulfillment of your philanthropic purpose

Aid Still Required is a recognized 501c3 non-profit. All donations are tax-deductible.

Please make checks for $1,000 per space and mail to:

Aid Still Required
PO Box 7353
Santa Monica, CA 90406

Or purchase via credit card or PayPal:

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