Tsunami Presentation


Aid Still Required continues to support key programs in Indonesia and Sri Lanka that are helping the people there to practice productive, sustainable, and environmentally friendly lives.

We are also keenly aware of the importance of worldwide awareness of the current situation in southeast Asia.

As the 10th anniversary of the tsunami approaches, Aid Still Required is pursuing the most effective ways to get the word out and continue to support the Yayasan Lambabat’s Ujung Pancu Project in Indonesia and the Early Warning and Disaster Awareness Center in Sri Lanka.



Aceh Livelihood Training and Environmental Education Center

Women Owned Business, Microfinance and Independence

Continuing the journey that commenced with your support after the 2004 tsunami, ASR is supporting Yayasan Lamjabat’s Ujung Pancu Project are providing women with crafts and business training to facilitate the bringing of their handicrafts to market locally and countrywide.

The women in this program live in rural Aceh, the area that took the brunt of the tsunami. We are most pleased to announce that earlier this year our women received first prize at both local and state levels. Additionally, a micro-finance system is under development to allow women to fulfill larger orders and multiply their incomes. Working within the strictures of Sharia Law, this program is transforming women as they become empowered to take ownership over their lives.

GOALS FOR 2014 Implement micro-finance funding; enlist youth social media and web advisors to develop an online marketplace to increase product offerings and revenues.


Women showing off their handicrafts at the Ujung Pancu Project

Women showing off their handicrafts at the Ujung Pancu Project

Reef Protection, Sustainable Fishing and Community Organizing

In desperation after the 2004 tsunami, fishermen in Peukanbada, Indonesia began employing destructive practices including fish-bombing and fish-poisoning in an effort to provide food for their families and to restore income. In 2013, your contributions have brought fishing authorities and local fishermen together to agree on new policies and to implement much-needed tools for protection. Today, through a system of buoys and lights placed in protected areas, this region now has a foundation to pursue sustainable fishing practices and regulate violators.

GOALS FOR 2014 Assess fishing practices in the other villages of the Aceh Besar district; increase number of buoys and oversight capacity, and advocate that similar zoning take place along the entire coastline of Aceh.


Local youth join the reef check team

Local youth join the reef check team


Early Warning and Disaster Preparedness Center

Aid Still Required shares CTEC’s commitment to the spirit of volunteerism, to the importance of active and empowered local communities, and to the necessity of providing information and training for sustainable, ecologically friendly development.