A Note from ASR Supporter Jill Higgins

Walking in Wharf Jeremie with little ones tagging along.

While Hunter and Andrea were in Haiti for the last two weeks, Jill Higgins and her daughter Ivy took time to fly in for 6 days to visit and get a look at several of the Aid Still Required programs around the country.  Below is Jill’s reflection on her time there.

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Indiegogo Here We Go : Haiti and the Jatropha Tree Program

Handful of Jatropha Seeds

Fund a Jatropha Seed Oil Press for Haiti, Change the Lives of Thousands For the past three years, 1,000 farmers have been growing hundreds of thousands of Jatropha trees in southern Haiti.  Why?  Because the seeds from these trees produce oil so rich it serves as a straight replacement for diesel fuel.  Yes, that means you can run your car, truck or farm machinery on it.  Right now, Haiti has to import all of it’s petroleum.  The jatropha program can reverse this trend.

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Haiti 4 Years After the Earthquake

After the earthquake

4 years ago, Haiti experienced a devastating 7.0 earthquake that ravaged what is still the poorest country in the western hemisphere. While billions were pledged around the world to help the small island country left with hundreds of thousands in temporary shelters without access to food, water and medicine, what few realize is how little actually made it to the country.

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Help for ASR Supporter’s Family in the Philippines

As everyone has heard by now, the Philippines has been struck by a typhoon Haiyan, one of the largest storms ever recorded and it has caused indescribable destruction. We pray for those who have lost their lives and their families. Now we must turn to all those people whose lives were spared, but are now in life threatening situations without water, food, access to shelter or medicine. At this time, Aid Still Required is only helping to facilitate donations to the Philippines and cannot do direct service. It is our mission to go to countries after the first responders have…

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Team Aid Still Required heads to The Big Easy

One of the people we met with in New Orleans said that her city is more like “the Little Difficult than the Big Easy” but we found in our jam-packed week there that there is a lot to be hopeful about in the Crescent City. We were all in New Orleans about 6 months ago and it just felt like a different city then. This time we met with 4 powerful  after-school and extra-curricular youth development programs at both the middle and high school levels. Charter schools now represent 85% of the city’s public education system and for the most…

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