A Note from ASR Supporter Jill Higgins

Walking in Wharf Jeremie with little ones tagging along.

While Hunter and Andrea were in Haiti for the last two weeks, Jill Higgins and her daughter Ivy took time to fly in for 6 days to visit and get a look at several of the Aid Still Required programs around the country.  Below is Jill’s reflection on her time there.

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Haiti 4 Years After the Earthquake

After the earthquake

4 years ago, Haiti experienced a devastating 7.0 earthquake that ravaged what is still the poorest country in the western hemisphere. While billions were pledged around the world to help the small island country left with hundreds of thousands in temporary shelters without access to food, water and medicine, what few realize is how little actually made it to the country.

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Dollies Making a Difference in Haiti

Before we left for Haiti, the ladies over at Dollies Making a Difference decided to continue their support of the children in Haiti by making dozens of dollies for the children with whom we work. Dollies Making a Difference (http://dolliesmakingadifference.com/)  began their work after the earthquake in Haiti over three years ago sending more than 600 dollies to children who had likely lost everything. Since then, the women based in west Los Angeles, have continued to bring joy to kids all over the world where disaster has brought pain. From Ghana, Kenya, Tanzania and Burkina Faso, to Israel, North Korea,…

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Haiti Update, 6/7: Port-au-Prince and Heading Home

The last several days have been a whirl-wind as we left Les Cayes for Port-au-Prince.  While we initially had planned a return to Wharf Jeremie to deliver 300 solar lights, problems at customs have delayed their delivery. As a result, we had to return to Wharf Jeremie with the news that our trainers would deliver the lights as soon as they arrived. Generally speaking, people seemed to understand that importing items to Haiti is oftentimes a problem. I think we were more upset about the situation than the program participants. The children who were in session when we arrived were…

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Haiti Update 5/24: Wharf Jeremie

I had hoped to be able to update sooner, but we had very spotty internet in Port-au-Prince after the first day.  Over the next several days in the capital we spent most of our time in Wharf Jeremie with our incredible team of trainers, Samson, Estavela, Lovely, Faby, Daniel, and Jeff. Upon our arrival to Wharf Jeremie, the team took through the narrow pathways of the settlement with mega phones to announce the start of the program the next morning. Many women who had already completed the program over the previous year and a half came out of their homes…

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