How You Can Empower The Women Of Haiti

Mothers are the cornerstones of families and communities—especially in Haiti. You have the power to impact lives there more than you can imagine. Aid Still Required’s programs in Haiti lift up the lives of women who have been assaulted or suffer from other traumas. Help Heal Haiti.




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“Join us and thousands of others and help make a difference.” —Maroon 5

Aid Still Required: Haiti

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100% of donations go directly to Haiti programs

Haiti Relief
“I was frustrated and agitated but when I gain this knowledge I feel very positive, happy and well…thank you for everything.”
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Haiti Today

After hundreds of years of dictatorial rule and poor environmental practices, Haiti is the poorest nation in the Western Hemisphere. It is, however, a very rich land capable of growing most anything, and its population is highly entrepreneurial, thirsty for knowledge and eager for the tools to become self-reliant.

Wharf Jeremie Haiti
Wharf Jeremie Haiti

What We Can Do Now

Above is a photo of the Wharf Jeremie section of the notorious Cite Soleil slum. This community is shunned by most non-profits and governmental agencies due to its reputation for violence and its unsanitary conditions. It is in this neighborhood that we are empowering men, women and children through

  • trauma relief for rape and PTSD victims
  • home gardening
  • solar-powered lamps to reduce the incidence of rape and give children light to study by (provided by Waka Waka Light).

The Wharf Jeremie community has responded to this program with open arms and repeatedly requests more programs from us. With your help we can expand our reach to tens of thousands in Haitiʼs most disadvantaged areas.

Millions in Haiti do not have access to electricity. Waka Waka Light is responding to this challenge by providing reliable, powerful, solar-powered light for those who need it most. Waka Waka lights replace kerosene lamps which are detrimental to health, give children ample light to study by, and provide women with protection from sexual violence.

ASR is pleased to partner with Waka Waka Light. For every Waka Waka light sold during this campaign, WakaWaka will give two WakaWaka Lights to Aid Still Required: Haiti. Power to you, power to Haiti.

Please join us and help bring self-sufficiency to those who have left behind.


Spread the Word

Sample Email:

Dear ______,

I just supported Aid Still Required’s trauma therapy program in Haiti. This program provides relief and renewal for women who have suffered from rape, malnutrition, loss of loved ones, and Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, in Haiti’s city slums and poorest regions.

Aid Still Required works to refocus the spotlight on areas that have been forgotten after natural disasters, and develops sustainable, culturally appropriate programs to help communities develop self-sufficiency.

I think this is a really important program and I hope you’ll visit to learn more.

Together we can help those who have been left behind.


Sample Facebook Post:

The 3rd anniversary of the Haiti earthquake just passed, almost without notice, but people are still suffering. I’m helping to make sure those hundreds of thousands of lives are not forgotten by joining Aid Still Required: Haiti.


Sample Tweet:

I just supported @AidStillReqd trauma therapy in Haiti. Haiti’s been forgotten, so it’s up to us


Our deepest gratitude goes to Maroon 5 and Waka Waka Light for their extraordinary participation in this campaign.

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