Programs Created With Local Community Leaders

Focusing the spotlight on people left behind after natural disasters and human crises, Aid Still Required partners with community leaders to create programs that truly fit the needs of those affected.


Five schools serving Haiti’s most vulnerable communities, including solar-powered computer lab and English classes

Health & Well-Being
Health and Well-Being

A multi-faceted approach to physical and emotional well-being

Children and Youth
Children and Youth

Integrative programs for children and youth in high-risk circumstances


Long-term, community-generated redevelopment

Redefining Disaster Relief

Shifting the global approach to emergency relief by incorporating long-term redevelopment

Working where others don't
Working Where Others Don't

Focusing on communities hardest hit and most forgotten

Long-term Redevelopment
Long-term Redevelopment

Thinking beyond immediate, short-term food, water, medicine, and shelter

Shining the Spotlight on Forgotten Issues
Shining the Spotlight on Forgotten Issues

“Just because it left the headlines doesn’t mean it left the planet”

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