An Update from Hunter and Andrea from the Viva World Cup

Greetings All,

Just got back from Game 2.  I’m afraid our boys were given another whipping, this time at the hands of Provence.  Our backs seemed always out of position and their front line had a field day.  At game’s end our lads were noticeably exhausted and deflated, but what a learning experience.  One poignant moment came in the elevator on the way up to our rooms when one of the DU players put his hand around his underdeveloped bicep and said to me, “We’re too weak.”  It’s true.  They are too physically weak from years of undernourishment.  Couple that with only a few weeks of training and never having played in real competition before, and you have a recipe for you-know-what.

But then you see the effect they have on others.  While we were in the locker room after the match, Provence sent three jerseys over (including the goalie jersey).  Our guys, though out-trained, out-experienced, out-nourished, out-advantaged in every way, have heart, heart, heart.  They ran themselves ragged tonight trying to keep up with Provence, as they did with North Cyprus, and have won both teams highest respect.  Plus, I’ve been taping testimonials from other team players, mostly the Tamils who have lived through a similar situation to Darfur, talking about their admiration for DU.

This is hard love and the growth is exponential.

Before the game, the team watched a video that Angela Hucles made for the team.  Angela is a two-time World Cup champ and two-time Olympic Gold Medalist.  They, and the coaches, were noticeably moved by it as they are anytime they hear someone out there cares.

Wednesday, by the blessing of God, we have the day off from competition!

All the best,

Hunter and Andrea

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