Andrea at the Clinton Global Initiative!

Several months ago, ASR co-founder Andrea wrote a thank you note to Western Union for helping us through an issue trying to get money to our women’s trauma relief program in Haiti. Shortly thereafter, we received a message from Western Union thanking us for the note and letting us know that it is stories like ours that keep them motivated and positive about the work they are doing.

ASR Women's Trauma Relief trainers in from of Western Union
ASR Women’s Trauma Relief trainers in front of Western Union

Fast forward a few months and we are in Haiti working with our trainers and we took a picture of them in their ASR shirts in front of a Western Union to send them.

After we returned, Western Union expressed interest in videoing us here at the “office” (Hunter and Andrea’s home). They wanted to highlight the work of a smaller, grassroots non-profit and feature us in a video.

WU Video
Western Union cameraman Mike Kalush and Western Union Vice President of Global Marketing Samantha Forster at Aid Still Required

So last month, they sent people to interview Andrea and film us working without any promise of how it would be used. A few weeks later, we got the first cut–it was beautiful. It featured us and Save the Children (one of the largest non-profits in the world) and it was going to be shown at the annual meeting of the CLINTON GLOBAL INITIATIVE in New York! You can see the final version of the video here.

CGI is a huge event put on annually to bring together heads of state, leaders of nonprofit organizations, the private sector and other change makers to discuss the biggest issues affecting the world. More so, it is created to make real goals for progress, be that medical advancements, technological inventions to help developing countries, new ways to protect the environment or a myriad of other things.

How could it get better than that? A video about Aid Still Required at CGI? Well it does get better. Andrea was asked to speak on one of the panels about Mobilizing Financial Resources in Times of Crisis along with the president of the Western Union Foundation, the Director of the Operational Division of the UN Office for the Coordination of Human Affairs, and the President and CEO of Save the Children–pretty heavy hitters.

Andrea speaking at the Clinton Global Initiative
Andrea speaking at the Clinton Global Initiative

And how did Andrea do? Amazingly. She took on interviews (one here) spoke with dozens of people outside of the panel about the work Aid Still Required is doing. Hunter was there too and even got a chance to see President Clinton and meet with Paul Farmer, the founder of Partners in Health.

It was an incredible opportunity for Aid Still Required and one that we are very proud of–to learn more about the Clinton Global Initiative go here



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