Another Way to Celebrate Valentines Day

Today, we celebrate love. Not love of money or sports or country, but love of each other. Throughout the world, many organizations are also focusing specifically on love of women. Part of love is protection against danger and in a world where women are often at risk of domestic abuse, we also see Valentines Day as an opportunity to think about working to end violence against women.

V-Day, as it has come to be called, is meant to be a catalyst for increased awareness of the issues around violence against women and a call to action wherein communities rally around creating a safe environment for women.

ASR is currently working to re-incorporate the women of Wharf Jeremie, Haiti into their communities after experiencing assault or rape, resulting in PTSD. Through our trauma relief program, women are getting their lives back. In the words of one participant, “XXXXXX”. As supporters of Aid Still Required, you have helped to make that happen. Thank you for your commitment to our work. We look forward to working with you in the future to transform communities that have been left behind.

Aid Still Required works to refocus the spotlight on communities in the wake of environmental disasters and human crises once the media has moved on. By creating sustainable, efficient and effective programs that are culturally appropriate and environmentally conscious, ASR is working to shift the paradigm of recovery and redevelopment while helping to engender self-sufficiency.

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