ASR Supporter Payton Taylor needs our support

Up and coming country music star and ASR supporter Payton Taylor is working on the release of her new EP and she is using Kickstarter to do it. Payton has talked about Aid Still Required programs at her concerts and even made a PSA to call attention to the work that still needs to be done in New Orleans. Last year, she even wrote a song about the great storm, Katrina, that left New Orleans battered over 8 years ago.

And now, she needs your support. Go to and chip in to help Payton put out her latest record. We are looking for Payton to become and even greater ASR supporter in the future and her ability to make music and have people hear that music will help make that happen!

So you have a minute and a few dollars, every bit goes a long way towards her raising the $3,000 goal. Without reaching that threshold, she doesn’t get anything so let’s all chip in to get her there. She even has some great gifts for people who contribute to the campaign.

Learn more about Payton and listen to her music here:

Thanks and good luck Payton!

Team ASR

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