Mount Hebron Congregation invites ASR and Sister Marjorie Shelvy for Thanksgiving Service Program

Founders Andrea and Hunter spoke at Mt. Hebron’s annual Thanksgiving Sunday Service to give the congregation an update on ASR activities, in particular the recent Haiti trip (link to Haiti page).

Over three years ago, during the 2008 Darfur campaign, Mt. Hebron Congregation in South Central Los Angeles found Aid Still Required online and contacted us about being part of their service program. The congregation believes strongly in the importance of providing service both at home and abroad. We were so honored that the congregation selected Aid Still Required to be the recipient of its international service grants. As one of their Board members said, Mount Hebron may be a small church in size but their contributions to the community are far-reaching!

ASR shared the podium with Sister Marjorie Shelvy of Legal Aid Foundation and was so inspired to hear about Sister Shelvy’s passionate commitment to helping others. Sister Shelvy has been a sister of the Catholic Religious Community since 1961 and at the age of 54, she decided to enroll in Law School to give a voice to low-income families and individuals!
If you would like to learn more about Sister Marjorie Shelvy, click here!

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