Physicians Commitee for Responsible Medicine

On April 10, 2010 the ASR founders attended the Physicians Commitee for Responsible Medicine (PCRM) Gala Dinner. ASR is committed to learning about ways in which we can all make changes in our personal lives to promote larger, social change. PCRM is focused on, among other things, finding techniques to replace animals labs in teaching hospitals and working to end use of animals in pharmaceutical and skin care testing. Thorough the leadership of Dr. Neal Bernard, PCRM has reduced the number of animals used in teaching hospitals 95% by proving their techniques (which include using simulators) are often more efficient and accurate than animal testing.

Kathy and Tom Freston, chairman, were the chairs of the evening. We were especially moved by Tom’s very personal speech about his journey in the realm of animal welfare, being more thoughtful about his choices, and the power of his wife Kathy’s influence.

On Kathy’s website, we found this wonderful quote from O Magazine. Oprah Winfrey writes, “Kathy Freston struck a nerve for me by speaking of a higher level of awareness, what she calls “spiritual integrity”… Kathy cautions that the way to full consciousness isn’t to give up every poor choice at once. She says, Lean into it. Don’t try to break a lifetime of bad habits overnight. I’m leaning.”

We were also excited to hearDr. Henry Heimlich, now 90 years of age and ever youthful. His Heimlich maneuver has saved innumerable lives! Cindy Landon, honorary chair of PCRM and ASR supporter, was present with her daughter Jen who spoke movingly in a PSA about her family’s committment to PCRM’s mission.

We enjoyed the most delicious vegan meal which was provided by Sublime based in Fort Lauderdale, FL, Veggie Grill, and Seed both Los Angeles based vegan restaurants!

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