2nd Anniversary Mega Social Media Campaign: Maroon 5, LA Kings, you and SNOBALL

Please join us in cyberspace today from your comfy armchair at home, laptop in hand…or maybe during your lunch hour or tonight after the kids are in bed and you’re enjoying Jon Stewart.  Watch our new Maroon 5 PSA and the LA Kings PSA- Haiti is Not Forgotten.

and…….. make a SNOBALL for Haiti!  Read on…..

Aid Still Required has galvanized 43 celebrities with 155 million FaceBook and Twitter followers to FB post, Tweet, make challenges to raise awareness and funds starting today, January 12th, the 2nd anniversary of the devastating Haiti earthquake.

Hundreds of thousands are still living in tents, vast unemployment, abandoned kids…and ASR has programs to help! You can help by

-LIKING ASR on FB ( we receive a donation each time we receive a new LIKE)

-FOLLOWING ASR on Twitter ( improve our reach to be attractive to corporate sponsors)

-Liking our Campaign participants
-commenting on their posts
-engaging with followers
-posting to your friends
-helping ASR trend
-in garnering donations from those who are able and inspired



SNOBALL is our campaign corporate sponsor and offers fun, creative ways for mini fundraising challenges FOR EXAMPLE: Everytime the Lakers get a basket in tonight’s game, I will donate .50 to ASR for Haiti. OR Each time I buy a Latte at Starbucks I will Donate $1…..

UPDATE:  Over 15 people have committed $.25 every time ASR receives a new LIKE!  75 new fans means a  followup for our Wharf Jeremie project in the slums of Port au Prince!  15 new LIKES feeds 3 kids for a month!  700 new LIKES = 1 house for a villagers.


CLICK HERE TO LEARN HOW TO CREATE A SNOBALL .  Watch the video, Have Fun, and Fundraise!

We hope you’ll  hop on board!!!!!
♥ Andrea, Hunter and The Aid Still Required Team

Sting, Alicia Keyes, Martha Stewart , Usher,  Janet Jackson, Jason Mraz, Hugh Jackman, Deepak Chopra, Don Cheadle, Sheryl Crow, Adam Schefter, Slash, Pamela Anderson, Victoria Justice, Lady Antebellum, Bonnie Raitt, Jackson Browne, Maroon 5, Hilary Duff, Will Smith (football) , Jarius Wynn, Mike Richards, Dustin Brown, Stephen Collins, Paul Pierce, Thalia, Nina Dobrev , Chelsea Handler, Kimberly Cole , Rob Kardashian , Tyson Chandler, Kevin Love, Seth Green, The Killers, Kevin Durant, Chris Paul, Blake Griffin, Jordin Sparks, My Chemical Romance, Solange Knowles, Hans Zimmer, William Shatner. Tim McGraw, Vinny Guadagnino



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