Aid Still Required Celebrates Early Thanks-Giving with First Tuesday LA

Last night, at First Tuesday LA’s inaugural Thanks-Giving event, ASR chairman and co-founder Andrea Herz-Payne was invited to share the podium with five other charities to speak about their mission and projects.  The event took place at Venice’s G2 Gallery, a beautiful and eco-friendly art gallery run by Susan and Dan Gottlieb, which donates 100% of proceeds to environmental causes and provides a meeting space for like-minded groups.

Fellow speakers included Zebiba Shekhia of Healing Bridges, building the first school for girls in a Sudanese refugee camp; Terry Mason of The Peace Alliance, working to create a US Cabinet Department of Peace; Paige Van Riper of LA’s, restoring a healthy urban environment by reforesting Los Angeles, thereby cleaning the air and improving water retention; Executive Director Atossa Soltani of AmazonWatch, providing a voice for the indigenous peoples and of the and Marcy Cole,  First TuesdayLA Director, speaking about First Tuesday’s Circle of GIving which picks one family a year for an intensive makeover, plus provides ancilliary ongoing support for other families.

First TuesdayLA is a national organization  “aimed at creating a sense of community amongst extraordinary women through social connectivity, and social service.” In short:  great, generous gals who do great things.  Thank you for giving us the opportunity to share Aid Still Required with your community.

Zebiba/Healing Bridges, Atossa/AmazonWatch, Andrea/Aid Still Required, Terry/Peace Alliance, Paige/TreePeople, Marcy/FirstTuesday Circle of Giving

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