Green Ways to Cleap-up an Oil Spill

We’ve all been inundated with the news, more news, live feeds, and contentious debates surrounding the oil spill (gush?) in the Gulf of Mexico. Since we can’t all sell our belongings and relocate to help clean up the mess there are some things we can do (alongside Kevin Costner’s nifty little invention, of course)! And, some interesting things to know when having those pesky debates about whether or not those (toxic?) dispersants are necessary….

Alternative #1 Donate your hair, your pet’s hair, or go on hair collecting missions around your city!

Yep, it’s true, our hair collects and retains oil (which is why we wash it, right?). Matter of Trust has created a great website, some incredible partnerships, and some fun videos that demonstrate this fact. They are also receiving boxes full of hair and recycled nylons to make more oil booms and hair mats.

Alternative #2 = Hay

Ok, now we don’t claim to understand the why’s and how’s, but this video is a pretty easy demonstration….

Alternative #3 – Weedoo Boats

The eco-friendly, zero emissions Weedoo boats have been proposed as an option to aid in the clean up of the very sensitive marsh land, as well. The little Weedoo can carry several objects equal to its weight, and can move easily through the marshy, oil soaked wetlands to remove all of the damaged plant life.

Please keep us informed at if you come across other interesting, effective solutions. We know there are some oil-eating microbe formulations out there and will continue to explore alternatives.

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