Help for ASR Supporter’s Family in the Philippines

As everyone has heard by now, the Philippines has been struck by a typhoon Haiyan, one of the largest storms ever recorded and it has caused indescribable destruction. We pray for those who have lost their lives and their families. Now we must turn to all those people whose lives were spared, but are now in life threatening situations without water, food, access to shelter or medicine. At this time, Aid Still Required is only helping to facilitate donations to the Philippines and cannot do direct service. It is our mission to go to countries after the first responders have done their jobs and the media has stopped covering the situation. Only then can we consider whether or not Aid Still Required can make the kind of impact we seek to make in the communities hit hardest by the disaster. In our efforts to get aid to people on the ground, we want to give you some information about an ASR supporter that needs our help.

Tom Price, has family in Leyte where Typhoon Haiyan did significant damage and they need our help. While it is sometimes tempting to simply give to large relief organizations like the Red Cross (and this is not necessarily discouraged), we recommend that you consider helping individuals directly whenever possible as you know your contribution is getting directly to the people who need it. Tom’s family could desperately use your help. If you’d like more information than is provided below, feel free to email Tom at or call him directly at 310-709-8153.

From Tom:

“As of this morning, Tuesday, we still haven’t heard from Alicia’s family in the Philippines. Her parents, along with many brothers and sisters (she is 1 of 14 !) live in Leyte which is not far from Tacloban where she also has close relatives. They 
all took a direct hit from the typhoon and news reports show there is extensive property damage. While their well-being is most important, wewill do as much as possible to assist in rebuilding, but we need help. Any money donated will go directly to a member of her family based on need. Alicia has an account set up already for wiring funds there so if you write a check make it payable to Alicia Price and mail checks to 12218 Idaho Ave. Los Angeles, CA 90025. Receipts can be provided. We deeply appreciate anything you are able to give. Thank you and God Bless.”
-Tom Price

Updated information: 

This map provided by Catholic Relief Services, depicts the places hardest hit by Typhoon Haiyan. The purple dots are directly over where Tom’s extended family live. We hear that all of their homes have significant damage and resourses are not available. Please help them if you are able!

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