Thank You, Jay Leno!

Andrea and Hunter attended the ceremony for the Feminist Majority Foundation Global Women’s Rights Award at the Beverly Hills Hotel on April 29th.

They had the pleasure of seeing Jay and his wife Mavis there. They first met Jay and Mavis in a parking lot a couple of years ago to talk about what happening in Darfur. Two days later, Jay had George Clooney on the Tonight Show and and they discussed the history of the conflict, giving Darfur its due air time.

Also at the April 29th event, Andrea and Hunter had a run-in with Christiane Amanpour, who  was one of the honorees that night.  She did a CNN special on genocides called “Scream Bloody Murder,” in which a clip from ASR’s public service announcement with Kobe Bryant was shown [].  Check out the link for more on her special:

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