Poker Night with Hope Artist – May 7th, 2009

ASR was invited to participate in HOPE Artist’s Vice for Nice Poker Invitational at Fred Segal Conveyor in Santa Monica, CA.  The store was transformed after hours into a mini-Las Vegas with players crowded around gambling tables, gambling for good!  Hope Artist Founder, Andi Scull Steidle is shown below with Hunter.

Andi’s husband, Marine Capt. Brian Steidle, was one of the key influences who inspired Andrea and Hunter’s work on behalf of the people of Darfur.  They met Brian at a 2006 traveling art exhibit, “Darfur, Darfur,” where Brian shared some of his experiences working as a photojournalist in Southern Sudan and Darfur for the African Union.  Brian’s experiences were made into a riveting, heart-wrenching documentary produced by Global Grassroots, “The Devil Came on Horseback.”

Good Charlotte vocalist, DJ, actor, UNICEF Goodwill Ambassador and philanthropist Joel Madden co-hosted the event.  Here he is, strategizing his next move against fellow players, including ASR founder, Hunter Payne.

Thanks to Andi and Joel for a wonderful night of awareness and fun!

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