Ways You Can SkyRocket Our CD Launch!

Hello, World! The CD release is only 9 days away!!! Can you help us make a difference? We cannot underestimate the passion of people making a difference, to feel empowered that they can transform lives by buying a CD, by sharing their excitement with everyone on their list and encouraging them to download, buy a CD, and contribute.


  1. Engage email  databases – your own or someone elses’s who is willing to do a personal appeal on behalf of the forgotten people ASR represents.
  2. Ask people to download/purchase the CD and spread
  3. Ask people to Be an ASR Angel. Make a monthly pledge. 10,000 people @$10/month = $1.2million/year!!
  4. Twitter/Blogs/Facebook -you or someone who tweets/blogs/FB, who will be our voice, and be the voice of the forgotten people of our beneficiary communities.
  5. Media contacts:  Print/TV/Radio/Talk Shows -please call, write national outlets, your local papers, alumni magazines, community papers to get the word out.

The more dollars sent to the field, the more lives are transformed. A widow can earn extra income to support her children, a child can get an education and change his family’s future, a farmer is educated on proper land use and a species is saved for eternity.

The time is NOW.

We cannot be complacent. This is it, where the rubber meets the road.

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