The CD is On Its Way!!!!

We are in the throes of preparing for our CD launch June 22nd.  It is such an exciting moment, the opportunity to bring Aid Still Required onto the national/international scene so that we may have the privilege of truly fulfilling upon our mission…making a real difference for those no longer the latest media headline….and in particular with this CD, lending a hand to the tsunami survivors of SouthEast Asia.

For those of you who are new to us……this project is five and a half years in the making – from a thought which bubbled up from hearts opened by tremendous tragedy and ignited by examples of heroism …..thousands of miles traveled, hundreds of volunteer hours and  the goodwill of dozens of people who have contributed, lots of trials and errors……….but never to be deterred :  – ) …….an organization manifested…. relationships and bonds forged for life  …a commitment honored….and our goal… transforming lives of people we may never meet but who are our global family.

Proceeds go to….widows overcoming their grief to provide for their kids, orphans needing an education so they can build a future, dads trying to eke out a living so their daughters don’t need to go to cities and risk human trafficking,  trees ( the earth’s lungs) and reefs  to conserve to protect one of the two greatest areas of biodiversity on the planet…….read more on our Tsunami Projects page..

Next blog:  ways you can assist us in making the CD launch successful!  See ya next week!

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