Save an Angel – ASR Teams with Hans Zimmer and Rosey Grier for Mother’s Day!

Composer and philanthropist Hans Zimmer’s Remote Control Foundation has selected Aid Still Required as one of seven beneficiary organizations to participate in the Save An Angel Mother’s Day fundraising campaign. Former football Pro, humanitarian, and minister Rosey Grier steps forward as Save an Angel spokesperson for ASR.

Save An Angel was composed by rising songstress, humanitarian- and Los Angeles -area high-school student!- Rachel Eskanazi-Gold to bring awareness  to  the suffering of women and children around the globe. ASR’s proceeds from the campaign will go towards funding our projects in Southeast Asia in honor of the women and children who were either victims or survivors of the 2004 tsunami which devastated the region.

Hans Zimmer is the award winning composer of over 100 films; among them are Disney’s The Lion King, Gladiator, Pirates of the Caribbean, Driving Miss Daisy,  both of Christopher Nolan’s Batman films – Batman Begins and The Dark Knight, Thelma and Louise, The Da Vinci Code and many, many others.  He is an composer  and person of extraordinary depth and breadth, pioneering the use of integrating electronic music with traditional orchestral arrangements as well as providing mentorship to young composers and seeking opportunities to make a difference.

Rosey Grier is a distinguished former football player. As a professional player, Grier was a member of the New York Giants, and the original Fearsome Foursome of the Los Angeles Rams and played in the Pro Bowl twice. A close associate and bodyguard of RFK Jr., he was with him and his family at the time of the assassination. A Christian minister and humanitarian, Grier currently works with the Milken foundation. He is one the Milken Family Foundation ‘s board of trustees and serves as its program administrator of community affairs. Rosey subsequently was ordained as a Christian minister and is involved with numerous humanitarian activities. He is also known for his book Rosey Grier’s Needlepoint for Men.

Thank you , Rachel and  thank you to Hans Zimmer and Remote Control Productions and Foundation

In honor of Mothers Day this coming Sunday, May 9th please download a copy of Save an Angel here. and do your part to save and honor mothers everywhere.  To make it even more meaningful – why not donate it in your mother’s name!

Happy Mother’s Day to all our supporters

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