How You Helped the Community Tsunami Early Warning Center in Sri Lanka

We just received word that the funds Aid Still Required sent to the Community Tsunami Early Warning Center (CTEC) in Sri Lanka have been put to good use!  CTEC is an incredibly important facility for the people of Sri Lanka.  If the system had been in place before the 2005 tsunami, many of the 2500 lives lost that day may have been saved.  The Center is helping to protect the villages of Peraliya, Thelwatta, Seenigama and Dalwathamullah and the goal is to expand the warning system in order to protect the entire coastline.  In addition, there is an educational  component meant to instill a culture of preparation in case of a future disaster.

In December, a terrible storm hit the center and caused damage to the building.  The structure of the center was not the only thing in need of repair, though.  Funds sent by Aid Still Required allowed CTEC to repair one computer and replace the monitor of another in order to keep communication lines open and the center functioning properly.


Pictured below is Rashan, the center manager in Peraliya in southwestern Sri Lanka.  He reports that everyone at the center is doing well and is happy to have the computers back!  Thanks to everyone who donated this year in support of CTEC.

To learn more about ASR’s work with CTEC, visit

To learn more about CTEC, you can also visit their site:

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