Send A Tsunami of Love Around the World with Aid Still Required

Today marks the 6th anniversary of the December 2004 tsunami, 230,000 people across 12 countries killed in minutes, whole villages lost, millions displaced. Sitting in our kitchen in Santa Monica, CA, the day after Christmas, waiting to hear if friends in Thailand were alive,  Hunter and I asked the question “What can we do to help?”, the question which turned into the creation of The Aid Still Required All-Star CD compilation, and the question that set us on the adventure to ultimately founding Aid Still Required as a 501c3 nonprofit.

Our mission: championing forgotten people and issues and keeping the spotlight burning when the cameras have left.  Our mission : to create hope and possibility….in the form of  restoring the environment, creating livehoods and eco-friendly small businesses, providing clean water……working with communities to see what they need for self-sufficiency and health.

Today:  we’re asking you to join with us in our one week campaign Send A Tsunami of Love Around the World.   We’ll be sending emails throughout the week, Twittering, and FaceBooking about 3 different projects to transform lives in 2011.

Sunday (today) we’re focusing on Clean Water:  $3000 funds four Biosand filters for 200 people – $15 a person!!!!! Tuesday, we’ll ask you to contribute to Livelihood/Reforestation:  $2400 creates Orchards for 20 families…..only $120 per family creates food, income, clean water, prevents erosion!!!!!!! Thursday,  we’re focusing on Hope/Empowerment of Women and Girls: $6000 provides fundiing for recycled handicraft and small business training for 20 women and girls, impacting 20 families.  $30 a person can transform not only a family but the future of a community.

Please join us in creating an abundant 2011!


  1. It is so true that once out of the news, what was urgent now stands in the background of what seems to be new and “in” at the moment. The people of Haiti, and especially the children will continue to need our help. I began by helping the orpahns in Africa and they are not in the news. I will continue there and now I see there could be a way for us to working together and help those who still need and some who may always need Aid.
    Heshie Segal

    1. Aid Still Required

      Heshie, your compassion inspires me! We will be visiting several orphanages in Haiti during our trip in August. I just learned that it is only $2000 to hire a teacher for an entire year in Haiti. A wonderful way to improve Haiti’s literacy rate and create a new future!

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