Haiti Earthquake

On January 12th, 2010 a 7.0 magnitude earthquake struck just off the coast of Port Au Prince, killing 230,000 and injuring millions more.

Haiti Presentation What We Can Do

What We Can Do

  • Create self-sufficiency
  • Create jobs
  • Create health and well-being
  • Provide care and schooling for orphaned & abandoned children
  • Return farmlands and forests to their natural abundance

Today, hundreds of thousands are still living under tarps and tents, subject to every kind of violence, especially a crisis of sexual assault. Over 90% of Haiti’s countryside has been deforested, making farming nearly impossible in most areas and contributing to Haiti’s pervasive food shortage.
Clearly, Aid is Still Required.

It’s been four years since the 2010 earthquake devastated Haiti.  Haiti’s recovery has been slow and the country remains the poorest in the Western Hemisphere.

AID STILL REQUIRED has three key programs that are helping Haitians recover in a real and self-sufficient way.  


Empowerment, Health, and Trauma Relief

WOMEN: According to a United Nations report, 90% of the women in Haiti’s notorious settlements are raped or sexually assaulted at some point in their lifetimes.


trauma relief


  • Aid Still Required empowerment, health and trauma therapy programs work with women and girls to restore strength, confidence and peace
  • These programs work in the poorest settlements in Haiti and are helping those communities to recover and unite for a more prosperous future
  • $100 allows one woman to receive an entire year’s worth of programming, bringing healing for herself, her family and her community

(Other contributors to this project include the International Association for Human Values, We Advance, the Urban Zen Foundation and the Clinton Global Initiative.)

The Women of Wharf Jeremie



Child Services

CHILDREN: After the earthquake, Haiti’s orphanages overflowed with children who had either lost their parents or whose parents could no longer care for them.  


Two Girls


  • Aid Still Required is working hand in hand with local children’s advocacy organization OADENN program to provide mentoring, after school and weekend programming and safe places for play for over 100 children in Cap Haitien in northern Haiti.
  • In giving these children the foundation for a successful future, OADENN is helping to create the leaders that will contribute to the future success of Haiti.
  • $150 provides hope for a new life for one child for an entire year in the OADENN program.


OADENN Program

Environmental Protection and Job Creation

FARMERS: In Haiti, unemployment rates in the rural areas are well over 80%, there is inconsistent access to electricity and fuel, and there is massive deforestation  


Haitian Farmer


  • Aid Still Required is partnering with Sirona Cares to provide jobs to one thousand Haitian farmers through the Jatropha Tree Program.
  • Farmers in the program plant Jatropha trees to reforest Haiti’s depleted countryside, reduce erosion and improve soil quality.
  • Jatropha seeds are harvested and pressed into sustainable bio-fuel (diesel alternative).  Oil is sold on the open market to provide an income for farmers.  Remaining seed matter after pressing is compressed into an environmentally friendly charcoal alternative.
  • $50 plants 500 trees, effectively doubling farmers’ incomes, giving them the means to support their families, provide better nutrition and send their children to school.


Jatropha Seeds