Indiegogo Here We Go : Haiti and the Jatropha Tree Program

Fund a Jatropha Seed Oil Press for Haiti, Change the Lives of Thousands

For the past three years, 1,000 farmers have been growing hundreds of thousands of Jatropha trees in southern Haiti.  Why?  Because the seeds from these trees produce oil so rich it serves as a straight replacement for diesel fuel.  Yes, that means you can run your car, truck or farm machinery on it.  Right now, Haiti has to import all of it’s petroleum.  The jatropha program can reverse this trend.

These trees are now mature and ready for harvest, the oil press is ready to be put to use, and the agronomist and project manager are in place.

Coming together for a better Haiti
Coming together for a better Haiti

Jatropha doesn’t just produce clean fuel.  It produces jobs – thousands of them – plus, a cleaner atmosphere and dignity for the farmers.  In a nation like Haiti that has struggled for centuries to become self-sufficient, this is huge.

Along with Sirona Cares who designed and initiated the program, Aid Still Required is making this program happen.  Together we can create a new future for thousands in Haiti.

Turning these jatropha seeds into fuel can only happen with your help.

Kelly Kruger and Darin Brooks have worked to put together the Indiegogo campaign that will help to fund this program.

“We are getting involved with this project because we know that once a disaster leaves the headlines, people forget about the work that still needs to be done years later. Haiti is no different and we want to do all we can to make sure the people of Haiti have a chance at true, sustainable recovery. Thanks for joining with us.”
–Kelly Kruger and Darin Brooks

Sampling of Saplings!
Sampling of Saplings!


Today 95% of the people in Haiti live on $2 or less per day.  Almost none of them have electricity, running water, or seemingly a future.

We can change the course in Haiti.

Kelly Kruger and Darin Brooks video about the jatropha tree program and their involvement in the campaign.

What we know:

1.  People need jobs.

2.  People need access to energy – clean energy.

3.  People need to protect the environment.

4.  These oil presses will allow all of this to be accomplished, providing enough income for thousands of farmers to provide for their families.


Please go to the Indiegogo campaign here.

Fuel the Future
Fuel the Future

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